Hemlock Display is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations while providing our clients with progressive product and service options that help reduce their own impact. We are closely supported by our partners at Hemlock Printers, who are North American sustainability leaders. Operationally, we are focused on reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions and for our clients we offer the most environmentally progressive materials available. Our sustainable journey relies on continual collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers and non-profit organizations.

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Sustainability Highlights

  • Our recycling efforts include all paper, cardboard and a variety of plastics used within our operation (pallet strapping, ink bottles and cartridges, Coroplast, MXM, polypropylene and styrene).
  • We offer the most environmentally responsible substrate options in the marketplace including 3rd-party certified papers, boards and wall coverings. We prioritize media with recycled content and those which are fully recyclable.
  • We suggest sizes that optimize media use and reduce waste.
  • We print direct to substrate, saving mounting and laminating materials.
  • We use UV curing inks, which which greatly reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are emitted.
  • We invest in green technology, such as HP Latex ink printers


Ask how we can help ensure your project has the lightest environmental footprint possible.

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