Window, Floor, and Wall Graphics: Why They’re Worth the Investment

Wall mural show Statue of Liberty

Have you ever stepped into an office or workspace that was visually stimulating, unique, or—in some way—just plain cool? Even if you haven’t, you may have seen some pictures of stunning work environments in offices of high-profile companies like Google, Facebook, or Zappos. Wouldn’t it be nice to work in that type of environment?

High profile or not, the office you work in can be uniquely awesome as well—all that’s needed are some vinyl wall graphics,window graphics, or floor graphics.

You might be thinking: “Wall, window, and floor graphics? There’s no budget for those kinds of things in our workspace.”

Not necessarily! While it’s true that creating an immersive brand experience is not as cheap as a paint job and some framed art from IKEA, the benefits far outweigh the investment. Here’s why these adhesive graphics make good business sense:

Get Your Clients Into the Buying "Mood"

When you meet with a client, you want to deliver the best experience possible. It’s not just about the words you say, or the dollars and cents you can make or save them.

It’s about how you make them feel.

People always remember how you make them feel. As noted by Forbes, emotions matter more than logic and reasoning when it comes to B2B buying:

Every decision is emotional.

– Tom Snyder, founder of VorsightBP

Immersing your potential buyers in your work environment that has some creative, joy-inducing, or cleverly-branded graphics can positively impact their mind-set, getting you off to a promising start.

Where possible, it’s beneficial to associate your brand with the qualities that your target customer hopes to acquire through purchasing your product. And you can capitalize on this when they visit your office.

For example:
  • You’re a design agency and your undeniably creative and unique graphics suggest to your visitors that your out-of-the box thinking will help them set their brand apart
  • You’re a health and wellness clinic and your walls adorned with images of fit and confident people implies your solutions will help them become their ideal self
  • You’re a wholesale bakery and your graphics of mouth-watering treats convince your salivating potential buyers that your products will fly off their shelves


…and this can be applied to every industry in some way.

Here’s something else to think about:

Nobody likes waiting in a waiting room, or reception area. Why not turn that convention on its head, and immerse your visitors in a stimulating seating area? That 10:00am visitor who showed up at 9:45 can be engaged before the first handshake.

Office window graphics

(ABOVE): Window graphics can give you privacy and make your office more imaginative

Attract Talented Employees and Keep Them Happy

New hires will take notice of how your office space looks, and will factor its ambience into their decision to join your company. This practice is typical in places like California’s Silicon Valley, where highly desirable employers like Google put a lot of effort into showcasing how dynamic their workplace is to potential hires. The chief executive of the British Council for Offices, Richard Kauntze, agrees:

Clearly the flagship examples, such as Google, have led the way, but we’re now seeing very young companies, often led by very young people, reinforcing the desire for a workspace that is less conventional.

– Richard Kauntze

Wall, window, and floor graphics can create that sense of “WOW” that these companies strive for—why not impress your interviewees before words are even exchanged?

But attraction is only half of the game; the other half is holding on to key employees. There are lots of factors that influence employee happiness, and studies show that the physical surroundings of an office absolutely impact employee retention:

  • In a 2015 Q4 Review from the Leesman Index, 85% of survey respondents agreed that the design of their workspace is important to them.
  • A report by Haworth suggests that the work environment accounts for up to 25% of job satisfaction.


With the potential for your employees to be more motivated with a splash of colour surrounding them, they find themselves happier and more productive.

Less "Mess" to Install Than Other Options

There are a number of ways to transform your workspace, some of which are more obstrusive and disruptful than others.

Vinyl graphics are one of the least disruptive options. Painting your walls can certainly change the look and atmosphere, but paint fumes can be unpleasant and distracting for days. Additionally, the dropsheets required to cover the surrounding area can encroach on active working space and compromise safe passage of employees.

Another option to revamp an office is to reconfigure the physical workspace, or do a remodeling of your office. Adding/removing new walls, or any construction of this type is not only loud, but will take much longer to do than install graphics.

The Bottom Line:

Wall, floor, and window graphics, for a variety of reasons, can have a positive influence on your company’s profits.

From an internal standpoint, they’re beneficial to staff, and can make them happier, more productive, and more likely to be long-term fits. Externally, they can positively impact your customers’ view of your brand and—on a subconscious level—influence them to buy with emotion.

For wall graphics ideas, see some inspiring examples on pinterest.

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