Making the Right Impression with Graphic Hoarding

Storefront hoarding

When a new commerical or retail site is under construction, there is a great opportunity for businesses to build excitement for its grand opening, as long as the correct approach is taken. Swimco, a successful clothing retailer specializing in swimwear, demonstrates a solid understanding of this. Relying on PrismTech’s large format printing capabilities, Swimco recently finished the graphic hoarding display for a store that the company is relocating in Metrotown mall, set to open in Fall 2015.

These colourful, digitally printed graphics serve a few different purposes – some of which are obvious, others which only astute marketers may consciously recognize.

It’s clear that these visuals were designed to draw attention, not only with its use of colour but also due to its size. The people pictured are larger than life, and the large format printing runs from floor to ceiling across the entire width of the storefront (approximately 30’ wide x 14’ high).

Swimco did not make any sacrifices on the quality of materials used for this project. If any elements of the hoarding were poor quality or incorrectly installed, that would reflect negatively on the company’s brand. 

An advertisement that’s noticeably cheap and poorly executed may subliminally communicate to prospective customers that the advertising company simply does not care. Swimco’s storefront, we are happy to say, looks great and in no way runs this risk. Using quality vinyl and laminate also means it will not degrade over time, and will remain sharp for as long as it’s on display.

The scene depicted above is also very important and Swimco did a great job in choosing one that connects products with a relatable lifestyle – immediately creating an emotional connection. Using high quality large format printing to reproduce this larger than life scene results in a commanding presence that amplifies this emotional connection.

In a mall, there is a natural uniformity among stores. Most of the stores, though different in appearance, tend to blend in together and don’t immediately pop out unless they have some sort of interesting display. Stores under construction disrupt this uniformity and naturally pop out, presenting the perfect opportunity to advertise and build excitement for the grand opening – as long as the hoarding is done well.

Next time you have a public site that’s under construction, make sure you’re sending the right message through properly executed graphic hoarding. Our team of experienced professionals can help turn your vision into an impactful reality.

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Have a project to quote? Get in touch with a Hemlock Display print specialist. We’re here to help!