From Mess to Mesh: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Mesh Banner Hoarding

Mesh banners on a construction site

Transform a construction site mess into an effective brand message.

As in many other cities, construction in Vancouver is non-stop, and many development companies are wisely choosing to advertise directly on the front lines. There are different types of hoarding used at various sites, but mesh banner hoarding in particular has gained considerable traction. Why? Read on as we explain 3 primary reasons developers are recognizing the value.

It Makes Construction Sites Look Cleaner

Construction sites are messy – there’s no getting around it. It may not be worthwhile for crews to keep it tidy, but it can be hidden with relative ease. With mesh banners, you are really killing two birds with the same stone; not only is the chaos of an unsightly mess hidden, you also get to utilize lots of advertising space that would otherwise go untapped.

Why not take advantage of this space and spread brand awareness? If your sites are consistently enveloped in mesh banners, a clean and tidy image can become associated with your brand. Creating a positive brand impression is very important; when customers open up their wallets, they are more comfortable doing so for a product made by a recognized brand opposed to a lesser known company. 

It’s Cost-Effective

There are many different ways to advertise with hoarding. Vinyl graphics applied to substrates like Crezone and Alupanel look great and are among the most eye-catching of hoarding displays, but the reality is that the budget won’t always allow for it. Some construction sites don’t need signage for as long a duration as others, so expenditure on more expensive MDO and alupanel hoarding simply doesn’t make sense. The lower cost of printed mesh, as well as lower installation costs relative to other hoarding alternatives make it an even more attractive option.

It's Versatile

It can be conveniently taken down and put up. Because they are typically printed in panels, any adjustments to a construction site in terms of size or location are easily accommodated. A vinyl graphic or alupanel display cannot be moved with the same degree of ease.

One final and important advantage – it can be reused if cared for. Whether for the same construction site or a completely new project, they can always be inventoried for use at a later date.

Final Thoughts:

Mesh banners are typically used by construction and development companies, but they can be effectively employed by a variety of other businesses as well. Outdoor events and unadorned fencing around businesses and cities provide a great opportunity to spread brand awareness for any company.

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Have a project to quote? Get in touch with a Hemlock Display print specialist. We’re here to help!